About Us

Since its establishment in 1970, the Arizona Institute of Footcare Physicians has drawn together prominent and caring podiatrists who focus on providing their patients with the most advanced and comprehensive treatment for a wide variety of foot problems affecting both children and adults.

Each physician is committed to personalized patient care, with specialties in the fields of diabetes, arthritis, sports medicine and surgery.

Every Patient is Unique

Every patient is unique. An individual’s treatment program begins with a comprehensive evaluation. The objective for treatment at the Arizona Institute of Footcare Physicians is to relieve painful symptoms and correct the underlying problem.  Through understanding and education, the doctor involves the patient in their own healing process.

A Commitment to Excellence

The Arizona Institute of Footcare Physicians continues to advance its commitment to excellence through cutting-edge technology, a focus on educating the patient, and our personal commitment to lifelong excellence in podiatric care.

To schedule an appointment, please call our office at 480-834-8804 today!

Above photo from left to right: Shah Askari, DPM, Kimberly Leach, Susan Erredge, DPM, Kerry Zang, DPM, Todd Galle, DPM, Donald Siegel, DPM, Janna Kroleski, DPM

**This blog is not a forum for medical advice.  Please consult one of our physicians by calling 480-834-8804.**


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