Arizona Institute of Footcare Physicians

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Hot weather and sandals  bring focus to your feet.  During the summer feet are exposed and more vulnerable to irritation and injury.  In fact, foot problems are so common that many people just accept them as “normal”.  But, you don’t have to.  Often a few simple actions may bring relief.

DRY SKIN/CRACKED HEELS During the summer months when your feet are exposed to the weather—open sandals, no socks–they can sometimes become extremely dry and the skin on your heels may even crack.

☼ Putting skin lotion on these areas sometimes isn’t enough.  Soaking your feet and applying an intensive moisturizer may be the answer.  Be aware that serious problems can develop if the cracks become deep or infected.  Don’t overlook this condition you should consult a podiatrist.  There are products to balance exfoliating and moisturizing to relieve painful dry skin.

SWEATY FEET/FOOT ODOR Wearing tight-fitting…

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