Shedding Some Light on Nail Fungus

Fungus Toenails

There is an exciting break-through in treating toenail fungus that kills the fungus while leaving the nail and surrounding skin unharmed. In the past, treatment options have been limited to topical preparations, which have a low success rate and can take up to a year to show signs of improvement. An oral medication also is available, but it can put the liver at risk, and offers a limited level of success.

This new treatment for toenail fungus is receiving national attention as a noninvasive treatment for this unsightly condition, and poses virtually no risk to the patient. It does not affect healthy tissue and the treatment is painless. While you cannot see results overnight, your nails are continually growing, and the healthy nail will start to present itself at the cuticle in a very short time.

The best defense against toenail fungus, of course, is prevention. You are more at risk if you live in a hot or humid climate, wear shoes that keep your feet moist, or if you have diabetes. Fungus is contagious, and you can contract it from going barefoot in a public shower, by the pool or at a nail salon. Keeping feet clean, dry and covered can help reduce the risk of getting this condition.

While a nail infection most likely will not cause any other serious health problems, it can be painful and make wearing certain shoes very difficult. The decision to treat nail fungus is up to each individual, however, it is important to note that nail fungus won’t go away by itself, and it may get worse over time.

This new therapy is an exciting break-through for people with painful, thick, discolored or infected toenails. Although patients have been discouraged in the past, now there is hope.


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